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Author : Sir BAJR
Published on : April 10, 2011

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1. Provide an introduction, historical background, and credentials of the site. Past Horizons is an archaeology news and article magazine website with a growing international readership. With unique articles and news stories posted every day and a group of writers and professionals providing content. The news ranges from Historical to Prehistoric archaeology and heritage. 2. Credible ranking of the site in its field, if any. To our knowledge, we are the only site that does not copy and paste news stories and has daily complete news stories written from press releases by archaeologists and articles created by specialists in the field of heritage. 3. Name the locale (or audience scope) the site's stories cover for. Provide the state/city names + zip codes or describe the groups of users. International 4. Provide statistics on the site. currently from 5-7000 unique visitors per day. 5. Is the site mostly news related? Please explain. News forms a part of the site as a whole, which includes archaeology videos, Volunteer projects in archaeology and articles on projects that the public can join 6. Provide the URL of main news entry point as well as the entry points of major channels. 7. RSS link to the site.