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FlyAds Pro is an Fly-In Ad-exchange.


This means you drop a simple line of code on to your web site which will cause fly-in ads to be shown to anyone who leaves your web site.


For each ad you show, you will earn credits. Those credits will then be spent on showing other people your Fly-In ad.

If you don't have a web site, you can still earn Fly-In Ad credits by using our FlyAds Pro "link cloaker".

What exactly is a FlyAds Pro?

FlyAds Pro is a revolutionary breakthrough in Internet Marketing technology. Since most other advertising methods such as pop-up advertising, banner advertising, e-mail advertising, and the like are practically "worn out" (most people see them and ignore them), FlyAds Pro provides an unexpected, fresh type of ad that instantly grabs people's attention.

In addition, since the ad cannot be ignored (it must be physically viewed and closed before the web surfer can continue), it is hundreds of times more effective than any other form of advertising currently found on the net.


  • Fly-In Ads cannot be ignored.
  • Fly-In Ads will instantly capture the immediate attention of your audience.
  • Fly-In Ads do not interfere with the sales process of your web site at all.
  • Fly-In Ads are only shown to targeted, interested prospects.
  • Your FlyAds Pro Inventory virally grows itself so the traffic you get grows virally and passively.
  • Fly-In Ads are not blocked by pop-up blockers.


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